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Chris Heuer Speaks: Social Media Summit NYC

Chris Heuer directed an interactive exercise designed to give conference attendees a better understanding of the new technology tools at their disposal. The exercise he used at the NYC conference can be viewed below.

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Chris Heuer Speaks: CEA Industry Forum

Chris Heuer is sitting on the panel “How to Use Social Networking to Manage your Company and Reach your Customers” at the CEA Industry Forum. The October 16, 2007 panel focuses on “how you can position yourself in the stream with your customers by adopting a participation approach to marketing.”

Listen to the audio here.

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Twitter Insights on Social Networks for CEA

Before our panel this morning, taking a turn from the pages of NewMediaJim, I tweeted a question for my friends on Twitter to see what they would want to tell the crowd at the Consumer Electronics Association Industry Forum.  We received some great responses.

My Question was: what do you want to tell the consumer electronics industry about social networking and social media?  Further clarified after Doug Haslam asked what help I was looking for to include: looking for insights to share on social networking that will help the executives here understand what’s important – twitter too…

My quote for the panel was “you don’t USE social networks, you join them” – which is an oversimplification of course, but I want to be deliberate about the language and the shift to collaboration and community…

The responses were great (especially my wife’s 😉

RichardatDELL RichardatDELL @chrisheuer your quote, make it stronger! although not sure how yet
Chris Lynn
@chrisheuer it may be too late: you tell them to offer value (game hints, new skins, etc) and show your audience that you listen and und …
Dave Coustan
@chrisheuer “how can you use the conversation to better help predict demand and shape the specs to where the true demand is?” no more duds.
Michael Bailey
@chrisheuer If eBay is NOT considered a social network, then why not? Is it because it is focused on commerce? Does a purpose eliminate it?
Pistachio Consulting Pistachio @chrisheuer social networks aren’t software, they’re people!
Alex de Carvalho
@chrisheuer consumer electronics are no longer about “solitary mobility” but about “mobile sociality”
Mark W. McClennan
@chrisheuer those that don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it don’t make old mistakes of fake posts, censoring, etc.n
Will Pate
@chrisheuer: spend more of your ad budgets on social media, a lot of talented people are doing great work and barely making a living
Thomas Vander Wal
@chrisheuer join? seems it is create them through expressing relationships
Kristie Wells kristiewells @chrisheuer – here is an insight…’I <3 you’.
Laura Thomas LPT @chrisheuer – I’d add “you get back as good as you give”
Connie Reece
@chrisheuer – the tools exist simply to help you connect with people; companies are made up of people and need to reflect a human voice.
David Parmet davidparmet @chrisheuer hi CEA
Nik Wilets tiburon @chrisheuer Amen brother. I may steal that statement.
francine hardaway hardaway @chrisheuer. That all of their products have to become more interactive. Even my pedometer.
Mark W. McClennan McClennan @chrisheuer respond intelligently and regularly

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The Environment Matters – Blog Action Day

I wish I could write something poetic and inspirational that would make a difference in how our leaders think about the environment, but I don’t think I have that power or ability.  I do, however, have a voice, a blog and an ability to do little things every day that may make our stay on this little planet we call earth last a few years longer.  I know that if we don’t take action, if we don’t raise our voices, if we don’t do all we can each and every day, it will never change.  So tonight, I lend my voice to thousands of others as part of Blog Action Day – knowing that alone I can make a small difference and together we can make a big impact.

A few thoughts that have arisen today as I thought about this post:

  • Carbon offsets are a great way to buy a cleaner conscience, but not a great way to reduce carbon emissions – while it is probably from some very well meaning people, I am afraid it has been exploited by marketing people to simply separate people from their money.  That said, it does raise awareness, so it has some really good impact, but I am unsure why everyone is so excited about it…
  • I saw this artist Chris Jordan on the Colbert Report who does some amazing things helping people visualize the sheer size of our waste problem.  He creates art that demonstrates how much trash we really generate in a given period of time.  BIG ART.  His images actually include the real number of ‘things’ we use or throw away in a given period of time (such as a massive image with two million plastic beverage bottles, the number used in the US every five minutes).
  • Forget the global warming or global cooling debate – let’s talk about the fact that the earth is a living system – an ecosystem, in some ways very much like our own bodies.  Plain common sense says that if we keep putting poisons into the system, or taking out huge numbers of natural resources, we are bound to be damaging it somehow.  So let’s just all be considerate of our mother earth as we go about our day, and be a little more conscious of how we treat her….


Chris Heuer’s Upcoming Speaking / Travel

Wow – can’t believe how long this has been in draft mode – I am all over the place over the coming months – hopefully we can catch up at some point in person and chat over some chai tea perhaps?

Today and Tomorrow, I am in San Diego on a social networking panel with Geoff Livingston, author of Now is Gone. We are doing a podcast from my room overlooking the ocean very shortly… the panel is tomorrow morning for the CEA Industry Forum.

Next week I am in New York City from October 22-24. On Tuesday night (October 23) I am doing a Social Media Club talk on “Business is Personal (Again)” with Howard Greenstein and on Wednesday I am doing a short interactive session at the Social Media Summit. This is going to be one heckuva trip east. I will also be heading out to New York again the following week for a little networking shindig we are doing on Monday October 29 and will be available in the afternoon/evening for some quick meetings on Tuesday October 30.

I am also going to be down in Austin on November 5 & 6. We will be hosting a Social Media Club conversation on Monday November 5 and then hosting a paid Social Media Workshop all day on Tuesday November 6 sponsored by the great folks from Dell. If you are interested in attending the workshop, use my promo code CHRIS so that I can prove to the other great workshop leaders (Shel Israel, Connie Reece and Kami Huyse) that people actually read my blog! From Austin, I need to leave a few minutes early and head to the airport for an early morning speech with Marshall Kirkpatrick at BlogWorld & New Media Expo on November 7.

I am then attending the Society for New Communications Research Annual Symposium in Boston on December 5-6… Heading into next year, thanks to a recommendation from our good friend Shel Israel, I am speaking at Frost & Sullivan’s Sales and Marketing Mind Exchange.


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